A space that brings to life cutting-edge home cleaning

The experience centre for ILIFE’s robot vacuum cleaner brand EASINE, located in Bangalore and designed by Catalyst Design, is all about reinforcing what the product can do to keep homes clean.

Catalyst Design recently designed an experience centre for ILIFE, which manufactures the robot vacuum cleaner brand EASINE.  The ILIFE group, which has expanded their business to over 30 countries, wanted to  transform their experience center, which existed in a traditional lounge setup, into something that “more strongly represents the brand and accentuates brand identity more prominently”, as shared by Catalyst Design. The idea essentially was for the design to help in depicting and presenting the products in a more effective way.

Catalyst successfully created a space that reflects all that the brand stands for —  cutting-edge technology to meet various cleaning needs and a product that offers versatility and convenience for everyday use. The 2000 sq ft store located in Bangalore is indeed a reinforcement of the brand values.

Catalyst Design shares that the main highlight of the design project,  that was executed between December  2021 and January 2022, was the theme – movement and motile aspect of the product. Hence lines were used across the designs, depicting motion and flexibility. Lights have also been used to create a futuristic look resonating with the brand’s focus on cutting edge technologies.

The store’s window display sets the main brand narrative, the idea being to establish the ILife robotic vacuum cleaner as the premium cleaning technology. The design team carved out a larger than life ILife robotic vacuum cleaner shape with a CNC cut MDF base. The unit was then painted in black glossy plastic finish and embedded with programmed LED chip lights. The LED chip light’s programmed movement emulates the real robotic vacuum cleaner. “We have created four monolith like structures to showcase the robotic vacuum cleaner range. The monolith was cladded with different surface types like wood, tile, marble, and concrete to resonate with the product category. The spotlights highlight the robotic vacuum cleaner,” informs Catalyst Design.

The Diamond mesh metal frame at the back holds and houses the entire structure.


The lounge space, aimed at making customers comfortable enough to try on the products, also carries forward the product imagery and houses and showcases different variants of the robotic vacuum cleaner products, providing a tactical experience to the customer. And as Catalyst informs, the profile light with strip led accentuates the lighter environment where customers can relax and try on the products at the same time. The backlit ILife brand identity on the orange brand color surface completes the look.

Three different levels of surfaces have been created at the try-on zone with wood, tiles, and carpet to give customers a practical understanding of the product functionality. The column adjacent to the try-on zone is adorned with backlit fabric graphics to create buzz the product while also serving as an information interface for the customers. Further, a miniature living room has been created on the pedestal to simulate the actual home setting and demonstrate how the products flawlessly navigate through the furniture.

Overall the space reiterates what a product experience centre aims to do.


Source: https://www.retail4growth.com/projects/a-space-that-brings-to-life-cutting-edge-home-cleaning-5788

11 June 2020