Safety first approach will go a long way

Biggest takeaways from 2020

With reduced business and budget cuts, I think ‘less is more’ sums up perfectly the concepts and executions that happened in 2020. We have learned how to ideate and execute with limited means and this learning goes a long way to create a sustainable world. Also the

‘safety rst’ approach is going to go a long way.

Biggest Takeaways from 2020, Vmrd

What retail design means in 2021

We were anyway stepping into the experience age and the COVID scenario has created the need to ramp that up in the coming year. While online retail o ers convenience, o ine must focus on creating experiences to engage customers and generate more footprints and this is where the e orts around retail design must also be. Also, creating a safe environment for shoppers through e ective communication and strategies will become key attributes while designing retail spaces. Sustainability will also nd its strong

footprints as far as retail design is concerned in the coming year

Also I believe most of the brands will go with omni channel strategies in a bigger way to bridge the gap between online and o ine platforms and AR is going to be an important tool to achieve this.

11 June 2020